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Neurology News

Neuroscape Laboratory Launches at UCSF
Dr. Adam Gazzaley is opening a new window into the human brain with an interactive lab that will soon be used to understand and perhaps even treat a variety of conditions. Researchers in the Neuroscape Laboratory will use new technology to see a human brain in real time as the participant plays video games or engages in activities within an immersive virtual reality environment.

Update on Rare Polio-Like Disease in California Over the past 18 months, physicians in California have observed on rare occasions what may be a new disease, one in which patients, usually children, quickly and permanently lose muscle function in an arm or leg.

Investigators in the laboratory of Steven Finkbeiner have discovered how the interplay between two proteins in the brain fuels the degradation and death of the class of brain cells, or neurons, that leads to Parkinson’s disease. These findings, which stand in stark contrast to conventional wisdom, may lead to new treatments.

Got a Minute? UC San Francisco has launched a series of 60-second videos to highlight a diverse group of scientists talking about their work and how it connects with the overall mission of UCSF. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud describes the MS Bioscreen, a visualization tool that brings big data into personalized therapeutic decision-making via an iPad app.

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